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Fodder Radish

  • Fodder radish is a fast growing cover crop that aids weed suppression
  • Large tap roots can improve soil structure and break up compaction
  • Varieties can be selected to control soil borne nematodes
  • Fodder radish will also scavenge nitrogen from the soil
  • Effective sown as a straight and in mixtures with other cover crop species
Fodder Radish
DAIKON RADISH Your Countryside from DLF

DAIKON RADISH by Your Countryside from DLF

  • Rapid growing, produces a large amount of biomass
  • Excellent weed suppressor
  • Club root tolerant and has the ability to reduce nematodes
  • Suitable for game cover or for use as a fast growing, nutrient storing green manure crop


Crop Height: 60-80cm

Sow at 5kg/acre

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