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Swede (Graded)


  • Buy Swede seed at the best prices and with next day delivery
  • Swedes are a full season crop which are mainly fed in situ
  • Swede does best in area of high rainfall, particularly in the north and west
  • Can be sown in a wide range of soil types with good drainage
  • Majority of swede is precision drilled and therefore requires a level seedbed
Swede (Graded)
AIRLIE (GRADED) Your Countryside from DLF

AIRLIE (GRADED) by Your Countryside from DLF

  • Has low to medium dry matter - very high fresh yield
  • Good disease resistance
  • Suitable for fodder and culinary use
  • Has purple skin and creamy white flesh
  • Suitable for early to intermediate use
  • Treated with Cruiser SB


Sow at 0.15 - 0.3kg/acre

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